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Hire Mobile Hairdressers in London

Mobile Hair Dresser Working On A Bride
Mobile Hair Dresser Working On A Bride

Hire Mobile Hairdressers in London

There’s no shortage of talented hairdressers in London, but sometimes it’s not practical or possible to go to a hair salon. Wouldn’t it be great to have a hair stylist come to you? Mobile hairdressers make that possible! If you’ve been wondering how to connect with a mobile hairdresser in London, SeekaServ is here to help. 

Find a Mobile Hairdresser in London

Mobile hairdressers are fully trained and licensed professionals who provide at-home haircut services. The stylist brings all the necessary supplies to perform their job so you can stay home and relax. Think of it as a fully-equipped mobile hair salon that comes straight to your home, office, or hotel. 

Sure, it’s convenient — but there are lots of other benefits of hiring a mobile hairdresser in London. For example, people with transportation or mobility issues can find it difficult to travel to and navigate around a busy hair salon. Bridal parties and groups of friends getting ready for prom can enjoy the personalised attention of having their glam done at home. Many mobile hair and beauty professionals travel to care homes to assist older clients with their hair upkeep. 

Want to pamper someone in your life? Whether it’s to celebrate an accomplishment or just to say, “I’m thinking about you,” purchasing a mobile hair salon appointment for someone is always a thoughtful gift. 

If you have a special occasion coming up and can’t wait weeks to get an appointment at your favourite salon, booking a private hairdresser to come straight to your door is a great alternative. Perhaps you don’t have a special occasion and just want to treat yourself? At SeekaServ, we say do it! 

Using mobile hair stylist services is smart, convenient, and affordable. So how do you find local hairdressers that come to your home? On SeekaServ, finding mobile hairdressers in London is easier and faster than a five-minute blow dry!  

How It Works

You don’t need to make dozens of phone calls or wonder if you’re hiring someone who is truly trained to do your hair at home. With the SeekaServ platform, you can see at a glance what the hairdresser’s qualifications are and if their services meet your needs. 

We work with hundreds of qualified mobile hairdressers in your area. When you use SeekaServ, you won’t waste time contacting hairdressers who don’t travel to your area or perform the services you want. 

Post Your Job

After registering with SeekaServ, you can post a job that includes the description of services you need. Start by finding the right category in the drop-down menu and fill out the job description form. 

For example, if you need services for a group on a certain date, include that information. If you want specialised services such as bold and bright hair colouring, make sure to state that in your job description. 

Including all pertinent information in your job post will help ensure you find a mobile hair stylist who can meet your needs. If photos of your desired style are available, include them in the description. When the description is complete, click and post your job in seconds. 

Receive Responses

Instead of having to contact salons around the city looking for an appointment, qualified hairdressers will contact you. After posting your job, you’ll soon hear from talented professionals in your area. Take the time to read through each profile, and don’t forget to read the customer reviews. 

While it’s tempting to pick the first person, spending the time reviewing this information will help you narrow your search. Don’t hesitate to ask a few questions or request photos of previous work. Contact the hairdresser you like the best to let them know they are hired!  

Schedule Your Haircut

Now it’s time to get your fresh cut all set up! Communicate with the hairdresser to arrange the appointment time and location. Keep in mind that your mobile hairdresser is a private contractor who sets their own schedule and pricing guides. Sit back, relax, and get ready to be pampered when your new private hairdresser shows up at your home. 

Give Feedback

Did you just get your haircut by the best hairdresser in London? Let the world know by sharing your feedback! Honest reviews help other customers make the best choice when searching for a mobile hair stylist for their own hair care needs. Reviews also help SeekaServ members build their businesses and make improvements to their services.  

Find a Mobile Hairdresser in London Today

Are you ready to enjoy the convenience of hiring a mobile hair and beauty professional who will come to you? Find the best mobile hairdresser in London by signing up at SeekaServ. Whether you need an appointment for a one-time special occasion or want regular hair-care visits in your home, the easy-to-use SeekaServ platform will help you connect with some of the most talented hair stylists in London

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At-Home Haircut Service: FAQs

What Does a Mobile Hairdresser Do?

A mobile hairdresser can perform all the same services you would expect at a salon. Each hairstylist on the SeekaServ platform has different levels of training and qualifications, so make sure to read an individual’s profile to confirm they have the experience to fulfil your needs. You can generally expect all mobile hairdressers to offer cut, colour, and styling services. 

How Much Do You Tip a Mobile Hairdresser in the U.K.?

Tipping in a mobile hair salon follows the same basic guidelines as tipping in a traditional salon. Tipping is not required, but it is much appreciated by those who work in the service industry. Base your tip on the total cost of your services, not on a preset amount. A tip for a quick trim would be much less than a tip for a full colour, cut, and style appointment. 

If you’re pleased with your service and wish to tip, consider 10% of the total appointment cost as a starting point. A 15% or 20% tip is considered appropriate for excellent service. 

What Questions Should I Ask a Mobile Hairdresser?

Reading the SeekaServ profile and perusing customer reviews can provide answers to most of your questions. If not clearly presented, always ask about training and years of experience in the industry. Many stylists keep a portfolio of before and after pictures, checkout the social media links within their profile. You may also want to know what styling products the hairdresser uses, especially if you have skin sensitivities or other allergy considerations. Lastly, if you have pets at home, make sure to ask your mobile hair stylist if they would prefer you to keep the animal in a separate room for the appointment.

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