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Help resolving complaints

Help Resolving Complaints

SeekaServ uphold stringent standards for the service providers included on our platform. Serving as a liaison between customers and reliable professionals, our platform aims to ensure a smooth, transparent, and efficient experience. Acknowledging that occasional challenges may arise, we emphasize the importance of addressing issues effectively. We hold our members accountable for engaging in transparent discussions and handling complaints with utmost professionalism.

Resolving Issues: A Professional Approach

When using the SeekaServ platform and engaging the services of our providers, you are granted access to our robust support network. Our customer service team stands ready to provide advice and assistance in the event of any challenges, working towards an amicable resolution. We will facilitate communication between you and the service provider involved, aiming to address any issues that may not be directly resolved between both parties. This ensures an added layer of assurance and peace of mind for you.

If you find any cause for concern regarding the services provided by one of our members, there are four steps you can take to address and resolve any issues.

Step 1 – Contact the Service Provider

In the event of a potential issue, initiate contact with the service provider:

  • Clearly articulate your concerns.
  • Collaborate on actions to rectify the situation.
  • Allow the service provider an opportunity to address the issues.
  • Establish a final deadline date for resolution.

Ensure comprehensive documentation, including relevant paperwork, photographic evidence, and detailed notes, to facilitate a well-documented record. You may need this later!!

Step 2 – SeekaServ Support

Initiate the resolution process by leaving a review on our platform. If direct efforts with the service provider prove unsuccessful, SeekaServ can intervene:

  • Notify us within 7-days of the unsatisfactory service being provided, and evidence to support step 1.
  • Publish your review on their profile, this will be seen by future consumers and helps the transparently of our platform. Service providers will have the opportunity to respond to any negative review and this will be published below the initial complaint.
  • Membership suspension or termination may be enforced for providers falling short of SeekaServ standards.
  • Any members receiving complaints in regard to injury, abuse (physical or verbal), and fraud will be removed immediately whilst further investigations are undertaken. 

With the professional support of SeekaServ, achieving a resolution becomes a collaborative and efficient process. We are committed to support both parties on an amicable solution to avoid any further legal action being taken or suspension from our platform.

If you have successfully resolved the issue and wish to remove the negative review from a service provider’s profile, please use the provided link to contact us directly.

Step 3 – Additional Options

Should steps 1 and 2 proved an insufficient conclusion, consider reaching out to the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline at 0808 2231133 or online at www.citizensadvice.org.uk. Here you can obtain consumer rights information as well as legal guidance. 

Step 4 – Third-Party Mediation

In rare instances where resolution is elusive through the initial steps, you may opt for third-party mediation services. Seek assistance from an impartial mediator or dispute resolution professional to facilitate discussions and help find a fair and equitable resolution.

Final Points

Your feedback holds paramount importance to us, ensuring the continual maintenance of high-quality service providers on SeekaServ.

In the knowledge that all reviews are published, good or bad! This provides consumers and service provides a level of professionalism and transparency.

Where a service provider has not provided a customer the link to post a review of their services and the services have been unsatisfactory, please submit your complaint directly to SeekaServ using the link. We value transparency and strive for satisfactory resolutions to enhance your overall experience.

Complaints submitted without evidence and from non-registered customers will not be granted publication on our platform.