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Find Professional Plumbers in London

Trades Person Holding A Wrench
Trades Person Holding A Wrench

Find Professional Plumbers in London

Plumbing struggles are an instant emergency for any homeowner. It’s no wonder searches for “24-hour plumbers in London” are so common. Most plumbing problems can spiral out of control if you don’t have a plumber you can trust to fix them.

That’s where SeekaServ comes in — those endless searches for plumbers in London are a thing of the past. We’re here to help you find qualified professionals to get your plumbing back in working order.

Find Your Plumber: London-Based Experts 

After a quick online search for plumbers, you’ll notice you’re spoiled for choice. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. It’s crucial to avoid hiring amateur plumbers who don’t have the experience or credentials to get you the results you deserve.

Plumbing issues are sensitive. One wrong move and the problem can go from bad to worse instantly. Putting the safety and livelihood of your home or business in the hands of an inexperienced plumber will likely lead to immense dissatisfaction and additional costs in the long run.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s more common than you’d think for home improvement professionals to stretch the truth and say they’re capable of things they’ve never had firsthand experience with. Simply searching “find a plumber in London” won’t tell you how reputable or experienced a plumber is.

True professionals will know exactly how to proceed with your issue. They’ll finish it quickly and ensure it’s done right the first time. Professionals also care more about your experience, so they’re more likely to check in with you, go the extra mile to win your favour, and have quick responses to any questions or concerns.

What to Look For in a Plumber

The importance of hiring an industry professional is evident, but how do you determine whether a plumber in East London or elsewhere qualifies for your job based on a quick search? Here’s what you should look out for.


A plumber’s expertise isn’t just about being experts at their craft. It’s about possessing specific knowledge about your plumbing needs. For example, suppose you need someone to come quickly to handle a dire issue with your water cylinder. In that case, you need an emergency plumber that deals with hot water cylinders, not a bathroom plumber . Did you know that to work on pressurized hot water cylinders you need a specific plumbing ticket? It’s called an unvented hot water cert

It sounds simple, but sometimes a “jack-of-all-trades” plumber won’t have enough experience with your situation to give it the proper attention. The more specific your problem is, the more specific you should be about your search for the right fit.


Some plumbers might know how to handle a task, but that’s no substitute for the proper training and qualifications. Plumbing can be a very dangerous job — not just for the person doing it, but for the welfare of your home or business.

Ensure that a plumber in North London or elsewhere has the appropriate safety measures, especially when working with gas, as amateurs are likely to worsen the situation. A skilled professional should willingly verify and exhibit their qualifications and licences. Be wary of anyone reluctant to disclose this information, as it might indicate an attempt to hide their lack of experience.


The last but most important thing to look for in a good plumber is that they’re well-liked by their customers. A positive reputation speaks to their talents, professionalism, and dedication to getting a good result. You can search the web for reviews to get an idea of what people are already saying about potential candidates in your area.

Regardless, a negative reputation typically indicates that the plumbers were unprofessional. The last thing you want is to waste your hard-earned money on a company recognized for its subpar customer service or lack of attention to detail. Opting for a reputable and professional service ensures a more satisfactory and dependable experience.

How It Works

SeekaServ stands out for its simplicity and efficiency in connecting you with the best home improvement professionals. Our intuitive and user-friendly platform transforms the often stressful task of searching for plumbers in London into a swift and hassle-free process, ensuring you can easily and quickly find a skilled plumber to address your needs. Here’s how it works.

Post a Job

Start by selecting the service you need from the dropdown menu. Specific plumbing issues might require different kinds of professionals, so be as detailed as possible to ensure you’re getting the right hits. 

It would help if you mentioned what your timeline is for your project, your budget, and any other pertinent information you think the plumber should know. You can also add pictures for even more detail, which can help the interested professional better understand the scope of the work.

Receive Responses

Once you’ve posted your job, you’ll soon start receiving responses from the professionals found through your “plumber jobs in London” search. These are hand-picked pros, experts in their field, ready to tackle your unique plumbing issues and meet all your requirements. To streamline your selection process, consider browsing through customer reviews of those who respond to your post. This stage is also an ideal opportunity to ask questions, aiding you in making a more informed and confident decision.

Schedule Your Appointment

Confident you’ve found the plumbing candidate for you? Perfect! Now, it’s time to set up your appointment and repair. You’ll call the shots here, so don’t hesitate to confirm when you need your plumber to work. You can return to your responses and find a better fit if the initial choice doesn’t align with your schedule or specific requirements. 

Provide Feedback

After the plumber’s services are rendered, you can provide feedback about your experience. This step is optional, but it’s much appreciated by others like you who want honest reviews of SeekaServ members. Leaving a review takes less than a minute and can help others meet their perfect fit on our platform, just like you did!

Types of Plumbers Through SeekaServ

Plumbing can get complicated, so it’s no surprise that various types of plumbers can assist you better in specific scenarios. Here are a few examples of the plumbing professionals you’ll find waiting for you on SeekaServ.

Emergency Plumbers

You can rely on these professionals when your pipes go pop at 3 am and you have an 8 am flight. Emergency plumbers are the plumbing world’s superheroes. They aim to rush in to fix your problem fast, no matter the time of day.

But what counts as emergency plumbing? It’s not always about a flooded basement or burst pipe. Some plumbing issues are emergencies that hide themselves well. A few reasons to call an emergency plumber are:

  • A backup of sewage in your home or business
  • Sump pump failures
  • Water coming through the ceiling 
  • Ruptured pipes or large leaks

Remember that when you search for emergency plumbers in London, the cost will be higher than booking a plumber a few days in advance. However, if you urgently require their services today, these are the plumbers you can depend on for swift and reliable assistance.

Residential Plumbers

Residential plumbers have more experience working with the plumbing systems found in homes. Homeowners will benefit from contacting these professionals if they need something that isn’t time-sensitive, like a small leak, or things are just not working correctly.

Residential plumbing services are often vast and could address many plumbing issues or concerns. A few common ones include:

  • Plumbing installations
  • Repairs and replacement
  • Pipe or fixture maintenance
  • Home plumbing inspections
  • Sanitation services

An example of a good search is “residential plumber South London” if you are a homeowner in the area and aren’t sure of the issue. Residential plumbers have a broad knowledge base that makes it simple to decipher what the problem could be and how they should address it.

Commercial Plumbers

Businesses want to seek out commercial plumbers since they’re accustomed to working with large, complicated plumbing systems. Commercial buildings also usually have stricter turnaround times or requirements for how the plumber completes the work. And since commercial plumbing issues can bring your business to a complete standstill, it’s vital you find a plumber who can spring into action. 

Other reasons you’d want to contact a commercial plumber include:

  • Conducting a routine health and safety inspection of plumbing
  • Performing routine maintenance
  • Installing piping and fixtures
  • Setting up refrigeration or HVAC systems

A commercial plumber has nuanced experience working with large buildings. They’ll also have the necessary background and tools to address large-scale problems that can happen to plumbing in commercial buildings.

Water cylinder Specialists

Water cylinder specialists not only possess experience in both commercial and residential plumbing, but they also have niche expertise in water cylinders that other results for plumbers in West London and other areas may lack. When you need your water cylinder repaired or replaced correctly, choosing a qualified specialist with the specific skills and knowledge to ensure the job is done to the highest standard is essential.

Some examples of issues that a water heater specialist can fix include:

  • Rust-coloured water coming from fixtures
  • Strange odors or sounds
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Water cylinder leaks
  • Installing new water cylinders 

Only a plumber with notable water cylinder knowledge can handle these issues. Even if you hire a more general residential or commercial plumber, make sure they understand water cylinder issues if you’re having one of the above problems.

Drain and Sewer Specialists

Sewer troubles are some of the most frustrating and daunting plumbing problems, especially if you don’t know a plumber who can handle them. These specialists have unique services like vacuum truck pumping and clearing out septic systems that you won’t be able to get with your run-of-the-mill plumber. Did you know some plumbers will refuse to work with blocked drains, so it’s always worth asking the question first!!

Drainage experts have markedly different tools and skill sets compared to other subsections of plumbers, including:

  • Handling wastewater
  • Water jetting equipment
  • Drain and sewer cleaning
  • Black or Grey water coming from fixtures
  • Clogs and bad smells coming from drains

If you recognize your plumbing issue in the list above, you’ll probably get the most mileage from hiring a drain and sewer specialist.

Gas Plumbers

Gas pipes are often made of similar materials to water pipes. Hence, installing or maintaining gas pipework is something that falls within the scope of some plumbing companies. These plumbers know how to safely and effectively connect your gas appliances or address any issues you might have with it.

Hiring licensed, professional gas installers who specifically work with gas is crucial because:

  • They have completed their ACS Training and are Gas Safe Registered
  • They understand how to work with natural gas and LPG gas safely
  • They are experts in gas appliances
  • They understand how to identify gas pipes from other pipes
  • They know how to fix the problem according to local and national regulations

Gas installation and maintenance require a specialist touch. Choosing a plumbing contractor who is experienced and trained in handling gas is crucial. Always ask to see their Gas Safe Card!! Through SeekaServ, you’ll discover numerous qualified professionals in London, each equipped and certified to provide you with the expert assistance you need.

Find a Plumber in London Today

You shouldn’t have to hunt down a qualified professional amidst a plumbing crisis. With SeekaServ, you’ll never have to! Let the pros come to you, comb through quality choices that fit your requirements, and book your professional plumber. We make it that simple. 

London Plumber: FAQs

Here’s some helpful information about hiring a plumber in London that could help you with your SeekaServ post or search!

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Plumber in London?

A London plumber’s average hourly rate can fall anywhere between £60 to £160. The price will likely be on the higher end within London city boundries and could also be higher if your project is more involved. You can use this range to help you negotiate and determine your budget for the job you post on SeekaServ!

Are London Plumbers Licensed and Insured?

Unfortunately, no law mandates that plumbers in the U.K. have to carry a specific license or insurance. No legal repercussions mean nothing stops someone from inflating their experience to get you to hire them. That’s why working with SeekaServ is so beneficial. 

Our platform helps you weed through any potential frauds you might encounter when trying to find a plumber in London. With us, you’ll receive responses exclusively from top-tier professionals in the field, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

What Is the Average Response Time for a London Plumber?

Depending on why you’re contacting your plumber, they could arrive to you as fast as 45 minutes to two hours. You’ll see faster response times from emergency plumbers since that’s their forte. 

It’s worth mentioning that the timeframe in which you contact a plumber could also influence how quickly they get to you. Major cold weather snaps or heavy rain storms will likely strain local professionals’ schedules, so you might see a longer wait time if demand for plumbing fixes is high.

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