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Find the Best Carpet Installer for the Job 

Female Carrying Carpet
Female Carrying Carpet

Find the Best Carpet Installer for the Job 

Whether for a new house, a complete remodel, or an easy room refresh, there’s nothing like the feeling of fresh new carpet under your feet. Carpet installation is a demanding job, one that requires a strong back and some specialised skills. 

There’s more to installing carpet than simply cutting it to fit the room. It’s a multi-step process, and if any of those steps are skipped or done incorrectly, you could be living with carpet that’s loose, buckled, or tearing apart at the seams. 

What Is a Carpet Fitter?

A carpet fitter is responsible for almost every component involved with installing a new carpet. Just about the only thing a carpet fitter doesn’t do is to choose your carpeting. Even then, an experienced carpet layer can help you decide which type will be best for certain usage conditions. 

When you hire a carpet fitter, London residents can typically expect all of the following duties to be fulfilled:

  • Measure the floor space to estimate all the materials needed
  • Move furniture and other obstacles 
  • Remove and dispose of old flooring
  • Prepare the work area by cleaning, levelling, and sealing
  • Attach underlay and other floor coverings
  • Stretch the carpet for a proper fit
  • Seal joins and edges
  • Return furniture and rehang doors if any were removed

There are no specific certifications needed to become a carpet layer, though some particular floor systems may require additional qualifications for installation. Most carpet fitters learn their trade through on-the-job training. It takes practice and a well-developed skill set to do the job well. 

In addition to working with many different building materials and power tools, a carpet fitter must understand how to create a floor-plan template, cut unusual shapes for a perfect fit, and calculate material supplies. In addition to these valuable skills, carpet layers spend much of their time hauling heavy materials and working on their knees. 

Do I Need to Hire a Professional for a Carpet Install?

It is tempting to try to save money rather than searching “carpet layers near me” on the internet. However, most DIYers are not qualified to complete a carpet installation independently. 

Even if you have the skills, buying or renting the tools needed for the job are additional expenses to consider. To help you feel confident in your decision, most layers will offer a free carpet fitting estimate so you can compare prices. 

Some reasons why hiring a professional is the best choice include: 

  • The job will likely be completed much faster 
  • Experienced professionals with problem-solving skills can handle complex installs 
  • Work will be guaranteed 
  • Recommendations on flooring choices will help you save money in the long run

In most cases, you can count on a more polished, professional-looking outcome when you hire experienced floor fitters in London instead of trying to tackle the job yourself. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to put your DIY skills to use, but for most people, installing your carpet probably isn’t one of them. 

How to Find a Carpet Fitter

The old way of finding a carpet supply and fit expert was to ask for references from friends and family and search “carpet installation near me” online. After contacting several candidates and waiting for them to reply, you had to start comparing qualifications and price quotes. It was a tedious process that didn’t always result in finding a carpet layer you felt confident hiring. 

The SeekaServ platform simplifies the process. We bring qualified candidates ready to work so you can review their experience and find the right person for the job.

Post Your Request on SeekaServ

Connecting with a carpet install pro begins with posting your job on SeekaServ. Complete the job post form with as much detail as possible. Include the size of the room(s) and photos. Also, be sure to include any specific timelines critical to the project. If you’re unsure about what type of flooring to choose, ask the installer for advice. 

Receive Responses and Quotes

Carpet fitters who are available to complete your project will begin contacting you soon after your job is posted. Candidates may or may not offer carpet fitting prices until they can see the job site in person. 

Check Qualifications

Begin checking the qualifications and experience of the fitters who have contacted you. Now is a great time to ask questions related to your carpet. Free fitting estimates are sometimes available, too. Don’t forget to read through each fitter’s customer reviews. They can provide information about a tradesperson’s reliability and skill.

Schedule Your Fitting

Choose your carpet layer and make an appointment to get started. It is as easy as that! 

Find a Carpet Fitter Through SeekaServ

The SeekaServ platform was developed to make it easy for professionals and clients who need their services to connect. We’ve built a network of trusted, reliable service providers to help you find the right providers for the job. Don’t waste time searching all over London for a carpet install. Post your job on SeekaServ and choose from many qualified floor fitters in London and the surrounding areas. SeekaServ also offers other alterations in London.

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